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The Different Types of Available Bail Bonds in New Britain

Mar 21

At National Bonding Company, we provide all different types of cases of Bail Bonds in New Britain, CT! Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, our experienced agents are prepared to help you navigate this complex process and provide go-to solutions to get the justice you deserve. Our company has provided prompt and efficient bail-bonding services to individuals in New Britain, surrounding areas, and the state of Connecticut for more than a decade. We take pride in our company and are committed to providing the best bail bonding service New Britain. Our service is quick, reliable, and always conducted with the utmost respect and discretion.

Benefits of Utilizing Bail Bonds in New Britain

Utilizing bail bonds in New Britain has many benefits, including fast service, understanding, reasonable fees, legal expertise, collaboration with attorneys, and discretion.

Fast Service – When posting bail, time is of the essence. National Bonding Company is fast, efficient, and can release your loved one quickly, often within a few hours of your call. We understand the importance of having your family member back home, and we work quickly to get the job done.

Understanding and Reasonable Fees – We understand the stress and financial strain of the entire process and provide reasonable rates that fit most budgets. We are transparent and up-front about the costs of a bail bond and can provide flexible payment plans if needed.

Expertise in the Legal Process – Our team has abundant experience in bail bonding and understands the New Britain Bail Bond process from start to finish. We can answer any questions and advise to ensure the process is done right at every step.

Different Types of Available Bail Bonds in New Britain

The primary purpose of bail is to guarantee that the accused will appear in court on the date set by the court. Different types of bail bonds are available to give the accused the best chance of returning to court to ensure the trial goes as expected. The three most common types of New Britain Bail Bond are Appearance Bail bonds, Property Bail Bonds, and Cash Bonds.

Appearance Bail Bond: An Appearance Bail Bond is typically the most popular and widely used type of bail bond. Typically, an individual posts the bond with a licensed bail bondsman, such as a New Britain Bail Bond Agency. The bondsmen charge a fee, generally 10 percent of the total bond amount, and guarantee the court that the defendant will appear for all their court dates.

Property Bail Bond: The accused's real estate or significant property secures a New Britain Bail Bond. The bond states that the defendant will appear in court, and if they fail to do so, the property will be forfeited to the court. The court requires documentation proving the accused owns the property and sufficient proof that the property has enough value to cover the total bond amount.

Cash Bond: A Cash Bond is the most expensive option and involves the payment of cash, a money order, or a cashier’s check for the total amount of the bond. If the accused attends all court dates, they'll get their money back, less fines and fees. The court will forfeit the bond if the offender fails to appear and is apprehended. Once the court receives compensation, it will hold onto the funds pending the lawsuit's outcome.


At the National Bonding Company, we understand the complexity and urgency of bail bonds in New Britain and that each case is unique. Our team of experienced professionals can offer the highest quality services and guarantee satisfaction at every stage of the process. Our team of experienced professionals can offer the highest quality services and guarantee happiness at every step of the process. We are on hand 24/7 to provide comprehensive advice and assistance concerning bail bonds and ensure your loved one is reunited with their family as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us today to discuss your situation and learn more about how we can help.

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